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The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is a non-profit organization that teaches audiences to view films actively, helps people experience the world through independent film, and encourages discussion and discourse about film and the world.

Our Mission: "Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film serves to honor and support independent and foreign films and their audiences. By distinguishing creative, quality films, the Chlotrudis Society seeks to encourage moviegoers to seek out and support non-mainstream film, to educate audiences on viewing films actively, and to encourage discussion and exchange between those interested in independent film."

Mail can be sent to Chlotrudis Awards at: 
Chlotrudis Awards P.O. Box 301237 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: (781) 526-5384
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For general information about Chlotrudis Society - info (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
For information about Chlotrudis membership - membership (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
For press related contacts - press (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
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webmaster (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
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Board of Directors:
Michael Colford, president - colford (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Chris Kriofske, treasurer - kriofske (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Ivy Moylan, clerk - moylan (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Nancy Campbell - campbell (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Gil Cordova - cordova (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Beth Curran - curran (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Shannon Daut - daut (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
David Isaacson - isaacson (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Bruce Kingsley - kingsley (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Hilay Nieukirk - nieukirk (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Vicki Oleksey - oleskey (at) chlotrudis (dot) org
Allison Sloan , ex-oficio - sloan (at) chlotrudis (dot) org