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Last updated: January 31, 2012
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Chlotrudis Society Membership

Board of Directors

Nancy Campbell has been dedicated to the exhibition of foreign and independent films in the Boston area. Currently she works for the Coolidge Corner Theatre, the Boston area's only not-for-profit, art-deco theatre. In addition to servingo n the Board of Directors for Chlotrudis, she is a managing director for the Independent Film Festival of Boston. In her free time, she attempts to set photography back a hundred years, plays ukelele poorly, collects elongated pennies, and recently bowled a 210 game. Nancy serves on the Chlotrudis Board of Directors.

Michael Colford is cinematically drawn to our neighbors to the north in Canada, especially the work of filmmakers Atom Egoyan, Don McKellar, Molly Parker, Sarah Polley, and Patricia Rozema to name a few. Although he is devoted to independent cinema, he thinks the best roles for women are now found on television.  He has enjoyed reading comics for over four decades, but has finally realized that he's not a fan of comics, he's a fan of reading stories about women with super powers. When he's finished with all of that, he spends some time at the Boston Public Library as the Director of Library Services. He is filled with Mothra love. Michael serves as President of Chlotrudis Society's Board of Directors. He is one of the Founders of Chlotrudis Awards.
Michael Colford

Gil Cordova first became involved in film while living in Austin where he volunteered with the Austin Film Festival, SXSW, Cine Las Americas, and Artists Legal and Accounting Assistance. He is currently the Production Coordinator of the Boston Latino International Film Festival where he researches and screens submissions along with various other responsibilities. In addition to Latin American cinema, he also looks forward to the latest films from Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, the Coen Brothers, Richard Linklater, and Quentin Tarantino. Gil serves on the Chlotrudis Board of Directors.

Beth Curran lives in Jamaica Plain, MA and works in Boston’s financial district, wearing the obligatory suit. Consequently, she puts serious effort into her hobbies, which besides film also include writing, rooting for BC’s women’s basketball team (go Eagles!), and angsting over home improvement projects. A second-generation film buff, Beth counts Orfeo Negro, On the Waterfront, Singin' in the Rain and Intolerance as movies that rocked her world when she first saw them. Presently her taste runs towards documentaries, all things Canadian, and almost anything with Mary Louise Parker or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Beth serves on the Chlotrudis Board of Directors and handles Chltorudis PR duties.

Shannon Daut is part of Chlotrudis Awards' growing Denver contingent. She currently works at the Western States Arts Federation, a regional nonprofit arts organization. She studied film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her main area of concentration was Film Theory, where she became fascinated with the French New Wave movement, and aspects of film style. Her favorite films often point to the mechanisms of filmmaking (Living in Oblivion), or have an unconventional narrative structure (Toto le Hero). Her favorite film of all time is Cinema Paradiso. Shannon serves on the Chlotrudis Board of Directors.

Chris Kriofske, a Milwaukee native, moved to Boston in 1997 to earn a Master's in Film Studies from Boston University, where he wrote his thesis on Derek Jarman. He is the Office Manager for the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation and also writes for Splendid, an independent music website. His favorite films include Y tu Mamá También, Beau Travail, Young Frankenstein, Waking Life, and the films of Wes Anderson, among many others. Chris serves as the Treasurer of Chlotrudis Society's Board of Directors.
Chris Kriofske

Ivy Moylan is co-director of the Brattle Theatre and the Brattle Film Foundation. Although making a late introduction to the wonder of film, she is catching up for lost time as best she can. So many movies, so little time! She has a special weakness for the neo-femme fatale genre and film as subversion. You won’t see her at the movies on Tuesdays because she’ll be watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Ivy serves as the Clerk of Chlotrudis Society's Board of Directors.
Ivy Moylan

Hilary Nieukirk has a great affection for character actors, such as Chris Cooper in her favorite indie Lone Star. She is a cinematography nerd and loves film noir, musicals, and Spanish cinema; her favorite contemporary directors include Pedro Almodóvar, The Coen Brothers, and Paul Thomas Anderson. She learned about Chlotrudis while taking film classes on Alfred Hitchcock. After crying to near-dehydration during both Into the Wild and Beasts of the Southern Wild, she is understandably wary of films with “wild” in the title. Hilary on the Chlotrudis Society's Board of Directors.
Hilary Nieukirk

Vicki Oleskey, a native New Yorker, became interested in film early on. After graduating from NYU, she began her movie career in Morocco as a PA (hired because she spoke French) on a film which may not have seen much light of day in the USA (OUR MAN IN MARRAKESH). When that gig ended, Vicki read and evaluated scripts for a producer and worked as an apprentice film editor. She planned to go to Spain for a year to learn more about making films from Sidney Pink, a family friend who produced spaghetti westerns, but romance and relocation redirected her career path. The answer came while working on a film about Upward Bound that she was inspired to apply to the NYU Graduate School of Education. She completed her MA, got married, moved to Boston and became an elementary school teacher until she retired four years ago. She has always been an avid film goer, but her newest passion is attending film festivals and would love to add a new one each year. She is a volunteer at the Independent Film Festival of Boston and is an active Chlotrudis Board member. Her favorite films include A THOUSAND CLOWNS, LOVE ACTUALLY (Bill Nighy fan), FARGO and THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES. Vicki serves on the Chlotrudis Board of Directors and is the current Membership chair.

Chlotrudis Membership

Philip Bahr currently works as the Media Librarian for Fairfield University located along the shoreline of the Long Island Sound in Connecticut, an hour outside of New York City.  Philip's passion for film and television began as a child where he spent Friday nights with 'The Partridge Family' and yearly visits with THE WIZARD OF OZ and WHITE CHRISTMAS. A move to the Hudson Valley in 2000 laid the groundwork for his complete immersion into all things cinema when he managed one of the last great independent video stores, Alternative Video in Kingston, NY outside of Woodstock where he interacted with movie greats like Elmer Bernstein, providing research.  Philip advises students, faculty, and facilitates the annual LGBTQ film series. His creative passion continues through the blog, Reel Charlie where he reviews television and film with an emphasis on LGBT cinema. Favorite filmmakers include Pedro Almodovar, Robert Altman, Rikki Beadle-Blair, Stephen Frears, Eytan Fox, Alfred Hitchcock, Merchant Ivory, Ferzan Ozpetek, Ventura Pons, and Xavier Dolan. 

Philip Bahr

Julie Blumenthal grew up as somewhat of a movie latch key kid, when as a young girl, her Mother taught her how to take the bus to the movie theater in downtown Philadelphia. Her first memories are of Beckett and Mary Poppins. Much later in life (8th grade), her mother took her to see the controversial film The Boys in the Band. She loved it! She then ventured on to more independent film at nearby colleges and any art house theater she could find. She first discovered Chlotrudis at the 8th Annual awards, where Hal Hartley and Arsinee Khanjian were honored and in attendance. She’s been hooked ever since! When not watching movies, she likes to hang out with her two cats while working on her PhD in Computer Science. She hopes to work in the area of computer vision and/or origami polygon cutting, skeleton and folding theory one day. She also likes to swim about 150 miles a year at Walden Pond, collects way too many pieces of art and antiques and is looking for, but still can't find, the time for her violin and fender tele. Her favorite films include Central Station, Toto le Héros, 3 Iron, Brick, Edge of Heaven, Bill Cunningham New York, A Somewhat Gentle Man and Septien.

Julie Blumenthal

Kim Brown is the "Rose" of Popcorn N Roses, the eclectic movie blog which features movie news, film reviews, and pop culture observations, as well as the co-host of the site's long running weekly podcast, Subject:CINEMA, and the host of her own podcast, Platinum Roses' Garden, devoted to the tv series Supernatural. A fan of every genre from indie films to kaiju films to science fiction films and everything in between, with japanese cinema and Godzilla films, she is always up for new movie experiences and making new friends through her love of movies. She resides with her podcasting partner, fellow Chlotrudis member, and dear husband TC Kirkham in Revere MA.
Kim Brown

Beth Caldwell has been a Chlotrudis member for nearly a decade. Beth first became interested in independent film when she lived in Iowa City, attending the University of Iowa, a college town with a rich arts community and home of the Bijou Theater and FilmScene. She later obtained her PhD in Biopsychology at Kent State University. The week she sent her dissertation to her committee, she saw 14 films at the Cleveland Film Festival. She then became hooked on Indy Film Festivals, attending and volunteering at the Independent Film Festival of Boston and the Provincetown International Film Festival. A strong advocate of increasing exposure to short films, she helped organize short film festivals with the Chlotrudis Society at various Boston venues. In 2011 she moved to Ithaca NY, where she is working to build the Ithaca Chapter of Chlotrudis Society.  Beth is a past member of the Chlotrudis Board of Directors.

Beth Caldwell

Scot Colford is Chlotrudis Society's Information Technology Coordinator. In this role he spends much of his time maintaining the organizational databases and programming the Short Film Festival. When he's not tinkering with his laptop, Scot enjoys watching musicals and “far-out” films that challenge the mind. His favorite films of all time include Ken Russell's The Boyfriend, Suspiria, and Bringing Up Baby. Recent faves include My Life Without Me, Spellbound, Melvin Goes to Dinner, and All the Real Girls. Formerly an actor from Ohio, Scot is now the Applications Manager for the Boston Public Library. Though usually shy, Scot is best known for his impersonation of Tom Jones at the Ninth Annual Chlotrudis Awards. Scot is a former member of the Board.
Scot Capehart

Amanda Doran grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut and later resided in Philadelphia and Austin before calling Boston home. In whichever city she lived, she always frequented the local arthouse theater (Cinema City in Hartford, the Ritz in Philly, the Alamo and Dobie in Austin, and now the Brattle, Kendall, and Coolidge here in Boston) to keep up with the latest independent and international films. In her spare time, she also volunteers with the Boston Latino International Film Festival. Her all-time favorite films include Cinema Paradiso, Amelie, and Before Sunset.

Bob Gladstein is a former film student and exhibitor from Somerville, MA, now working as a freelance search engine optimizer. Consequently, he is now able for the first time in many years to see films just because he wants to. His list of favorites changes often, depending both on his mood and relative level of snootiness, but is likely to usually include L'Age d'or, Eraserhead, and A Clockwork Orange.
Bob Gladstein

Esmé Green has recently made her triumphant return to Cambridge and is currently the branch manager of the Central Square Branch of the Cambridge Public Library. She is currently infatuated with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in the original Thomas Crown Affair. Some of her current favorites are Franka Potente, Lily Taylor, Geena Davis, David Arquette, James Caviezel and, of course, Babe the amazing pig! Esmé is a former member of the Chlotrudis Society's Board of Directors.

Esme Green

Ned Hinkle is co-director Brattle Film Foundation. Ned has been a film lover since childhood when he was unaccountably scarred by a trailer for Picnic at Hanging Rock seen at the Off The Wall Cinema and walked out of Taxi Driver at the Harvard Square Theatre because he "knew it was going to end badly."
Ned Hinkle

TC Kirkham is the owner and webmaster of the PNR Networks family of entertainment websites, which includes sites eCinemaOne (formerly Popcorn N Roses), eCinemaBoston (formerly PNRBoston), Indie Film Spotlight, Save Our Screens, and several other sites. He is also co-host and producer of the long running film podcast Subject:CINEMA, now in its eighth year of production. TC considers himself a champion of the film underdog, is a member of IndieWire's CriticWire panel, a film festival fan, and an all around film buff who is always striving to make sure he has the best film education possible. His personal taste in film varies greatly, and he's never afraid to take on new challenges when it involves film or his websites. He lives with his fellow podcaster, blogging partner, Chlotrudis member, and love of his life, wife Kim Brown, in Revere MA.

Marilyn at the Movies is retired judge from Upstate New York who is embarking on a new career as a filmmaker. She is the mother of four and grandmother of ten (soon to be eleven!) Marilyn sees 2-3 movies a week and just began a Monday Night Movie Club open to anyone who wants to share a movie a week with others who love going to the movies. She enjoys theater almost as much as film. Thank heavens her children do too.
Marilyn at the Movies

Mary McIntire worked hard to become a member of the Nominating Committee. Sister to founder Michael Colford and mother to fellow committee-member, Tim McIntire, Mary put in a great effort to see the required number of movies to serve on the committee, and has enjoyed doing so! Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp. Admirers of the famous cat-on-a-stick Chlotrudis Award have Mary to thank, as she handcrafts all of them! Mary is a former member of the Chlotrudis Board or Directors.
Mary McIntire

Toni Pennacchia, hailing from the smallest state of Rhode Island, is the Creative Director of MergingArts Productions, a micro non-profit organization, producing a variety of cultural programming. Together with Chlotrudis member, Paul Elsnau, she produces a syndicated radio show and podcast called Spoiler Alert Radio interviewing folks that work in the underground world of film-making. She has over 15 years of radio experience in New England including as a DJ and music director for genres including world, folk, electronic, and blues. Her love of film began while working in the audio-visual department of the library with her first brush of world cinema being Giuseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso in 1988 and was hooked on independent and international film ever since. She especially likes independently produced animated films, engaging documentaries, quirky dark comedies, powerful dramatic fare with strong characters and sequences, and films that defy genres to tell a story.

Toni Pennacchia

Jeffrey Pike is the Technology Services Librarian at the Groton, MA Public Library. Movies have been a source of great wonder to him since his Dad took him to see Big Red on his sixth birthday. He spends his spare time with his kids, cooking dinner, or scratching one of the cats' tummies. He recently discovered lounge music. His favorite beverage is tea. Jeff oversees the Chlotrudis Screener Library.
Jeffrey Pike

Kate Pike lives in Groton, MA and does very little, other than working-from-home as a senior member of the forums moderation and support team at, and watching movies. Earliest film-related memory is watching The Wizard of Oz on TV at age 4 (1960). Admits to being a minor drama-queen in high school with aspirations to be a Big Star, but her film credits to date are as Make-up Artist for a short film produced by Michael Belanger, and her role as a harried single mom in a student film directed by Andrew Blanchette. Film favorites include The Trip, Serenity, The Proposition, 28 Days Later..., The Station Agent, Donnie Darko, Terribly Happy, The Artist ... but with more than 10,000 movies watched over a lifetime, her "Favorite Film List" is incredibly long, and the "Top Tens" are in a constant state of flux. Her only other claim to fame is as mother to erstwhile Miss Chlotrudis, Emily Pike.
Kate Pike

Brett Reliford is a high school teacher and academic team coach from Columbia, Kentucky. Part of the charm of cinema for Brett is the thrill of discovery when a movie is fresh and has very little word-of-mouth behind it upon its initial release. He is a strong adherent to the philosophy of “no movie trailers” prior to seeing a film he might be interested in. The impossible task of narrowing down a shortlist of all-time favorites finds films like The Crowd (1928), Dr. Strangelove, and West Side Story making the list. A few of his recent favorites among many include Ghost World, Blue Valentine, In the Loop, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Allison Sloan works on staff at the Reading Public Library when she isn't skiing in Sunapee or painting rocks. She is a dedicated fan of sci fi and Star Trek, and her favorite independent film is The King of Hearts. She supports the Chlotrudis Society's dream in an administrative/publicity/event coordination capacity. 
Alison DaSilva

Diane Young is a church worker and former librarian from Ipswich, MA. Recent favorites include AMOUR and A HIJACKING. Led by her sister Janet, she inaugurated the musical numbers for the Chlotrudis awards ceremonies in the early '90s. Diane agrees with Anthony Lane that movies should be seen in the theater: "one thing that has nourished the theatrical the element of compulsion. Someone else decides when the show will start; we may decide whether to attend, but, once we take our seats, we join the ride and surrender our will."
Diane Young

Carolyn Zieringis originally from outside of Boston. She grew up in a cave largely devoid of independent film, but decided to join Chlotrudis after the delightful 10th Annual Awards Ceremony. Carolyn is yet another Chlotrudis member/librarian and is embarrassed to admit her movie tastes tend toward romance and drama, but ones with twists and obstacles. She also enjoys most documentaries!
Carolyn Ziering