Chlotrudis Movie of the Week + Indie Film Round-Up, July 23 - 29

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Winnebago ManFor this week, Gil is recommending WINNEBAGO MAN.  Amanda and Gil attended the IFFB-sponsored screening last week and really liked it.  For those not familiar with the premise of the documentary, the filmmaker searches for Jack Rebney, the commercial spokesman for a series of Winnebago commercials in Iowa in the 1980's.  During the commercial productions, Rebney would become frustrated and angrily curse at his crew in a very entertaining manner.  With the birth of YouTube, these outtakes became extremely popular and the "Winnebago Man" became one of the most popular clips on the Internet.  In the documentary, director Ben Steinbauer explores the new world of viral videos and the people who have unwillingly become infamous from this new form of media.  The documentary is certainly entertaining but it is also interesting in how it explores the life of one individual and how that life can be changed from exposing a small segment of that life (from the 1980s no less) to millions of people over the web.  The film did really well on the festival circuit, including the IFFB in 2009, and just opened at Kendall Square.  Check out the four-star review from this week's Boston Phoenix. And check out the trailer below. | Read more »

Chlotrudis Movie of the Week + Indie Film Round-Up, July 16 - 22

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The Kids Are All RightThere are a lot of great movie possibilities for Chlotrudis members to indulge in this week, so get out of the heat and head for a nice air conditioned theatre! The Brattle Theatre has a couple of exclusive area premiere's you can check out over the weekend. The charming, engaging and frequently hilarious BREAKING UPWARDS was an Independent Film Festival of Boston pick for 2009, while the Spanish film [•REC]2 is the sequel to [REC], which has been called "one of the scariest films of all time." But don't worry if you haven't seen the original; this one is totally and cleverly self-contained. The Coolidge Corner has the much-anticipated and critically acclaimed film by Lisa Cholodenko, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT Ipictured left) which takes a light and entertaining look at a modern family and makes it ground-breakingly accessible to the mainstream. Fans of mysteries won't want to miss the Swedish film THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, the much anticipated sequel to the highly-acclaimed THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, both adapted from the internationally best-selling novels of the same names. It opens all over, including the Kendall Square Cinema, the Capitol Theatre in Arlington, the Somerville Theatre, and the West Newton Theater. Finally, it's not Chlotrudis-eligible, but you will probably want to try to catch Christopher Nolan's new dreamscape of a film, INCEPTION. Sure, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, but it also features Chlotrudis favorites Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt... and it looks pretty amazing! | Read more »


Josh HutchersonMia WasikowskaActor Josh Hutcherson and actress Mia Wasikowska took the honors as the #1 male and female rising star on the fifth annual Popcorn N Roses Rising Stars list as announced on Sunday, July 4.

Hutcherson just edged out actor Logan Lerman for the top spot on the male side, with actor Kyle Gallner in the #3 position. On the women’s side, Wasikowska is the first non-American female to top the annual list. She is followed by actress Chloe Grace Moretz at #2 and actress Emma Stone at #3. | Read more »

A great loss...

Tracy WrightThe film world was dealt a great loss recently with the passing of Canadian actor Tracy Wright.  Tracy won the Chlotrudis Career-So-Far Award in 2007 and she was a great supporter of Chlotrudis making lots of friends when she came to  Boston to receive her award.  More, Tracy became a personal friend between her visits to Boston and our visits to Toronto in the past several years.  She was an incredibly special person that touched everyone she met.  She was an amazing actor who specialized is lonely, socially challenged characters, who infused her roles with a depth and power that lifted them above stereotype.  Tracy started her career in fringe theater, and appeared in dozens of Canadian films, including LAST NIGHT, HIGHWAY 61 and MONKEY WARFARE.  She is probably best known below the border fo | Read more »

Chlotrudis Indie Film Round-Up, July 2 - 8

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The summer is heating up, and this is one year where the indie films seem to be getting more attention than the big Hollywood blockbusters!  WINTER'S BONE has been garnering raves all over the country.  Local gal Debra Granick has constructed a magnificent, suspenseful family drama set in the Ozarks, with a host of strong performances, and an assured script adapted from the novel of the same name.  The documentary JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK has been receiving accolades on the Festival circuit, and it now in limited release, including a run at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston.  Tilda Swinton's controversial (among Chlotrudis members anyway) I AM LOVE hits theatres this week, and if you're a fan of Italian melodrama... heck, any melodrama... go see this film!  Then there's CYRUS, the latest effort from the Duplass Brothers starring John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei.  It's an interesting take on family dynamics that plays things for laughs, but gets pretty serious as well. | Read more »

Chlotrudis Tuesday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up June 25 - July 1

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We're back from the Provincetown International Fim Festival, and hopefully riding high on the plethora of great movies we saw there!  It's time to commit to seeing more indie films in the theatre, because there are a surprisingly large number of indie films coming out this summer.  Chris is this week's Tuesday Night at the Movies host, and he picks a movie that's currently generating a lot of discussion on the mailing list.  Join Chris for the 7:20pm screening of WINTER'S BONE at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

Winter's Bone

Winner of Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Picture | Read more »

Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up, June 11 - 17

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It's a busy week this week, with the Provincetown International Film Festival kicking off on Wednesday, June 16!  A bunch of us Chlotrudis types are going, and we'd love to see more if anyone has a last minute yen to get away.  Before we head out though, Vivki will host the Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies, so please join her Monday at the Coolidge Corner Theatre for the 7:30pm screening of THE OATH. 

The OathTHE OATH is a spectacularly gripping documentary that unspools like a great political thriller. It’s the cross-cut tale of two men whose fateful meeting propelled them on divergent courses with Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, 9/11, Guantanamo Bay Prison and the U.S. Supreme Court. | Read more »

Two Important Notes for the week of June 4

This is what I get for being too busy to post a movie listing for the week or even looking at the new releases this week until Monday morning!  Hiro-kazu Kore-eda's (STILL WALKING, AFTER LIFE) AIR DOLL starring the divine Doona Bae, opened this week at the Kendall Square Cinema.  SEE IT NOW!


But don't see it on Thursday night, because the king of filth, John Waters, will be at the Boston Public Library at 6pm to talk about his new book Role Models with author Scott Heim (who wrote the novel Mysterious Skin).  You won't want to miss that.  More details here.


I Killed My MotherChlotrudis is pleased to announce its sponsorship of I KILLED MY MOTHER, at the PROVINCETOWN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (PIFF), to be held June 16 - 20.   The film will have two screenings, 7pm on Friday 6/18 and 7pm on Sunday 6/20, both at the Provincetown Theater. | Read more »

Chlotrudis Indie Film Round-Up, May 28 - June 5

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There is no planned Chlotrudis Movie of the Week this week, so enjoy your long, Memorial Day weekend and if you're looking for a good movie to watch, check out the list of independent films opening in the Boston area this week below.  If I may suggest a film, go see James Ivory's The City of Your Final Destination, based on an outstanding novel by Peter Cameron.  It's opening at the Kendall and the West Newton Cinema and revolves around a lost young man who is trying to get permission to write a biography about a renowned author of a single novel who has committed suicide.  Unfortunately, the executor's of his estate, his wife, his mistress and his brother, all living together on the writer's estate, refuse to give permission.  At his girlfriend's urgings, the young biographer travels to South America to get them to change their mind.  While it may not sound so riveting, and in fact, it does lose it's bit in the latter half, unable to capture the protagonist's journey as well as the book did, if you like smart dialog and strong performances, you won't want to miss this.  Laura Linney (outstanding!), Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Anthony Hopkins play the wife, mistress and brother respectively and really capture the spirit of the novel and film sublimely. | Read more »