TIFF2010, Day 4 films

STATE OF VIOLENCE South Africa 3 cats - A leading businessman trying to put his violent past behind him outwardly but without any internal change, learns the devastating consequences of forgetting past sins without repentance.  The film has a great look, and an arresting pace - it's clear there is a confident eye behind the lens, one determined to show all facets of present-day Cape Town.  The newly rich in their gated McMansion tracts and the still poor in their tin shanties in the townships, mind and soul, one obsessed with the future, the other still grappling with the past.  One man's journey, choices, burdens to tell a larger story about a country.  Definitely Shakespearean in mood - I'm thinking Macbeth, Othello. | Read more »

TIFF2010 - Trigger

I'll double back to do the rest of my Day 4 films later, but I wanted to get my report on TRIGGER out before it seemed too far away.   So, it was the official opening film of the new TIFF Lightbox building - earlier in the day, they had a block party and had opened the place for folks to check it out for free, and there were still loads of people milling about when I arrived to get in the ticketholders line.  It is a beautiful building, and I took some pitifully bad pictures on my iphone which I posted to Facebook earlier.  The theatres are on  the second floor, and as you would expect, are beautiful.  Comfortable chairs, great sightlines, commodious but without feeling like you're in a huge barn.  As I sat watching the crowd mill in, I spotted so many familiar faces, among them Patricia Rozema, Atom Egoyan and Ellen Page, and tons of folks with filmmaker credentials on their lanyards - all headed to the regular seats, not the four full r | Read more »

TIFF2010, Day 3 films

So, the films I saw on Day 3 were:

DAYDREAM NATION, Canada, a whisker shy of 3 cats I wanted to like this, I really did. It's about the tumultuous year that Caroline moves from the city to a drugged-out hicksville where she finishes out high school, & tries to navigate the weird town and her reactions to all the change.  I like Kat Dennings very much, but I felt like the film was trying to hard to evoke Juno-esque qualitlies when its true nature was something more odd and melancholy.  Time and again, I could practically see the writer-director thinking out loud 'need a Juno something or other here', and more often than not, it was the wrong choice.  Dear god, stop with the hip-twee music cue, and let's put the kibosh on ending an emotional or contemplative moment with an overly literate quip into the next scene?  | Read more »

TRIGGER Premieres at the Bell Lightbox Theater Tonight at TIFF!

Tonight Tracy Wright's final film premieres at theToronto International Film Festival. It's also the premiere of the Bell Lightbox Theater, the new center for the Festival that has been under construction for the past couple of years. Bruce McDonald's TRIGGER tells the story of a rock duo who reunite after their band call it quits, and stars Tracy and another Chlotrudis favorite, Molly Parker. Wish I could be there, but Beth C. is there and will report back to us. We're hoping to screen TRIGGER in Boston sometime, but until then you can enjoy this terrific short but awesome trailer for the film. | Read more »

TIFF2010, Day 3

I cannot believe it's only Day 3.  By the time you get to the end of this entry, you will understand why.

Day 2 started bright and early - I took a cab to the box office, getting there at 6:05.  And I was the 22ND person in line - gah!!  It was dark, and it felt like fall, which is okay by me.  As usual, I struck up conversations with folks around me, mostly newbies in the box office experience. I wound up getting all my tickets for that day, plus a couple more, including the last of my three must-haves, HEARTBEATS.  However, I still struck out on the Saturday line-up, which meant having to do this at least one more time.  After another 3 hours' sleep and my first breakfast at Fran's, I headed to Dundas Square for the day (all my films were at the AMC).   Here follows my impressions of my films, followed by bullet points of the day: | Read more »

Peruvian film UNDERTOW gets a U.S. theatrical release!

UndertowThe Film Collaborative has picked up the Peruvian film UNDERTOW for U.S. release.  Many Chlotrudis members will remember that UNDERTOW was the surprise hit of the Provincetown International Film Festival.  Everyone we talked to loved the film, and for so many reasons.  There is the gorgeously shot location, the emotionally powerful story that doesn't take the easy route, the fine acting, and the fact that the central secret of the film wasn't spoiled beforehand!  (Okay, the two incredibly handsome lead actors didn't hurt either... especially in Provincetown.)  Apparently non-Chlotrudis members loved the film as well because it tied for the HBO Audience Award for Best Narrative.  | Read more »

TIFF2010, Day 1

It's 9:30pm, and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.  I opted not to do films today, even though I got in around noon, for two reasons: with so many changes since my last TIFF, I figured I'd need the time to adjust; and, honestly, nothing screamed out 'See me!'   Among the changes?  Different airline, different airport, different hotel, different box office location - these would be the big'uns.   Porter Airlines was a breeze, and the flight pretty smooth for a smaller plane.  Toronto City Airport is bam! | Read more »

APPLAUSE, starring Chlotrudis Honoree Paprika Steen Makes its way to the U.S.!

Paprika Steen in APPLAUSEThe Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is excited to announce that World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation has picked up Danish film APPLAUSE for U.S. release in early December, and we are working with the distribution company to spread the word.  Chlotrudis members will want to see Paprika Steen's show-stopping, performance as a popular actress struggling to control her alcohol addiction. Members saw the film at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, and the raves for Steen herald a potential Chlotrudis Award nomination.  | Read more »

Chlotrudis Movie of the Week + Indie Film Round Up, August 6 - 12

Hello Chlotrudis Members!

Life During WartimeThis week Chlotrudis recommends a couple of new indie releases playing in Boston. For those of you who like gritty, yet magical stories set on the streets of Dublin, KISSES is for you. Chlotrudis members caught this wonderful little film at the Provincetown International Film Festival way back in 2009! We're very happy to see it get a Boston release courtesy of the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Kylie and Dylan are two kids living in a bleak suburb of Dublin. After an altercation with a parent, the two run away and spend a frightening yet magical night in the big bad city. It's really a special film, so please overlook the fact that it's playing in the Screening Room and go see it! The other new release that's worth a look is LIFE DURING WARTIME, Todd Solondz sequel of sorts to the Chlotrudis Awards-winning HAPPINESS. Some time has passed since the startling conclusion of HAPPINESS, and the characters are all played by different actors, but even if the particulars of the first film are a bit fuzzy in your memory (as they were in mine) the feel and themes of these characters lives will quickly come back to you. LIFE DURING WARTIME is slightly more gentle than HAPPINESS, or perhaps, with over ten years distance, slightly more mature. Plus it's got some outstanding performances by Allison Janney, Shirley Henderson and delightfully amusing turns by a host of supporting actors like the ever-interesting Ally Sheedy and a fierce Charlotte Rampling. Check it out at the Kendall Square Cinema (or wait a week and catch it at the Coolidge!)

  | Read more »

Chlotrudis Thursday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up, July 30 - August 5

Hello Chlotrudis Members!

DogtoothIt's back to the movie theatre this week! Chris will be hosting the Chlotrudis Thursday Night at the Movies! Join him on Thursday, August 5 for the 7:30pm screening of DOGTOOTH at the Museum of Fine Arts, part of their New Talent to Watch series. Winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, DOGTOOTH is a darkly funny look at three teenagers confined to their parents’ isolated country estate, kept under strict rule and regimen. Terrorized into submission by their father, the children spend their days learning an invented vocabulary and living in an absurdist, nightmarish experiment—until a trusted outsider, brought in to satisfy the son’s libidinal urges, starts bringing gifts for the teens. A hyper-stylized mixture of physical violence and verbal comedy, DOGTOOTH’s ruthless satire of middle-class mores heralds the arrival of an important new voice in world cinema. In Greek with English subtitles.

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