Beth Grant will Accept Ahna O'Reilly's Breakout Award on her Behalf

We regret to announce that Ahna O'Reilly will not be able to attend the 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony on Sunday.  Ahna is in Charleston, SC shooting a pilot for a television show.  She was cleared by the production to attend the ceremony, but the schedule has changed and she is no longer able to come to Boston this weekend.  We are of course disappointed, as is Ahna, but we are thrilled that Beth Grant will be in the house to accept Ahna's breakout award on her behalf.  These two talented actors are part of the Chlotrudis-nominated Best Ensemble Cast of AS I LAY DYING. But that's not the first time they two have worked together.  In 2009 the two co-starred in a little indie film directed by Nathaniel Atcheson called HERPES BOY.  Then Beth directed her first short film called THE PERFECT FIT which co-starred Ahna. | Read more »

Director Thom Fitzgerald Returns to Help Chlotrudis Celebrate its 20th Year

Thom FitzgeraldTen years ago, Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald was part of the mad celebration that was the 10th annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony.  He received an Excellence in Directing Award after completing four films, THE HANGING GARDEN, BEEFCAKE, THE WILD DOGS, and THE EVENT.  He was in the midst of creating his most ambitious film, 3 NEEDLES.  Since then he has written and directed another feature, CLOUDBURST starring Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker, and created a pair of succesful Canadian television shows.  Thom will be returning to the Brattle Theatre to help Chlotrudis celebrate its 20th year alongside actor/director/producer Beth Grant.  We are thrilled to welcome both of our returning honorees back, and thank them for helping us to celebrate 20 years of honoring independent film. | Read more »

Ahna O'Reilly to Accept the Chlotrudis Breakout Award at the 20th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony

Ahna O'ReillyThis year Chlotrudis bestows its Breakout Award to Ahna O’Reilly, who had a standout 2013.  She appeared in the acclaimed FRUITVALE STATION, James Franco’s AS I LAY DYING adapted from the William Faulkner novel, as well as in featured roles in JOBS and CBGB. | Read more »

Canadian Actress/Musician, Rebecca Jenkins, to be Honored at the 20th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony.

Rebecca JenkinsChlotrudis will honor Canadian actor/musician Rebecca Jenkins for her work on screen at the 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony.  Connoisseurs of Canadian film will know Jenkins from her outstanding work in such films as the Chlotrudis-winning MARION BRIDGE, WILBY WONDERFUL, PAST PERFECT, WHOLE NEW THING, or her early roles in BYE BYE BLUES and BOB ROBERTS. | Read more »

Welcome back, Beth!

Beth GrantChlotrudis is thrilled to announce the first of our very special guests to attend the 20th annual Chlotrudis Award is the inimitable Beth Grant!  As part of our celebration, we have invited some of our past honorees to return and join us for our 20th year.  Our beloved Beth Grant jumped at the chance to return, and we couldn't be happier.  Beth is a nominee this year as well, as part of the Best Ensemble Cast of AS I LAY DYING. | Read more »


Frances HaNominations for the 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards were finalized by the film group’s nominating committee last weekend, and will be publicly announced at a press reception at Post 390 in Boston’s Back Bay this Sunday.  Splitting honors  atop the heap with 4 nominations each were American indies featuring lead actress tours de force SHORT-TERM 12 and FRANCES HA, Sweden’s THE HUNT starring Mads Mikkelsen, and THE PAST, from acclaimed Iranian director Asghar Farhadi.

Chlotrudis Weighs in on the Best Movies About Movies!

Sunset Blvd.With the 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards only three months away, members of the independent film society have selected their Top 20 Movies About Movies to continue the countdown.  Movie buffs love films about movies, and Chlotrudis members are no exception.  Billy Wilder's classic 1950 film, SUNSET BLVD., about a hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity tops the Chlotrudis list of the Best Movies About Movies, edging out Tim Burton's ED WOOD, a sweet look at the B-Movie director starring Johnny Depp and Martin Landau.  All in all 142 films made the long list, and Chlotrudis has recorded the top 50. | Read more »

A Message from the President

Dear Chlotrudis Members and Supporters, 

What were you doing 20 years ago?  I was planning a movie-themed party around the Oscars, but irritated at the slate of nominees.  Forrest Gump, really?  Even now, that still irks me.  Back then; I decided that my friends and I could do better.  So I turned my party into an independent film society. And ever since, Chlotrudis has thrown a hell of a shindig to celebrate independent film.  We wouldn’t still be going strong without the support of members like you. | Read more »

CHLOTRUDIS SOCIETY FOR INDEPENDENT FILM Picks the Top French Language Films of All-Time!

The Piano TeacherChlotrudis members have deliberated and made their selections, and here is the Society's picks for the Top French Language Films of all time!  Members sent in their personal lists of favorite French language films.  Country of origin didn't matter -- only the predominant language that it was spoken in.  In addition to France, films from Canada, and Belgium were also represented.  Topping the list is Jacques Demy's classic musical THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG from 1964.  The sixties was a good decade for French-language films; eleven of the Top 50 were released during that decade.  This was the second highest represented decade following the 2000's with twelve. | Read more »


The Last White Knight

The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film (CSIF) is pleased to be a sponsor of the 25th annual Boston Jewish Film Festival, one of New England’s longest-lived and most acclaimed film festivals. In addition, Chlotrudis is a community supporter for the screening of the documentary THE LAST WHITE KNIGHT on Sunday November 10th, at 2:30 pm at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline.  | Read more »