CHLOTRUDIS co-presents ‘CAIRO TIME’ starring Patricia Clarkson, & ‘I AM LOVE with Tilda Swinton at INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL OF BOSTON

The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is pleased to join with the INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL OF BOSTON (IFFBoston) once again to co-present two films as part of the festival’s 8th year. I AM LOVE will play on Saturday April 24th, while CAIRO TIME will screen on April 26th. Both films boast outstanding performances by their respective leading ladies and were among members’ favorites at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. | Read more »

Out of Nowhere (and very late) Michael's Top 10 of 2009 has arrived!

So I think I'm finally wrapping up the members' Top 10s for 2009 with my own (although if you have one and you haven't seen it here yet, please send it to me and I will post it!) My movie-going was less than stellar last year, and I feel there are some holes that still need to filled. As is often the case, I was rather surprised when the #1 film of 2009 emerged for me. This was one I don't think I would have predicted. I saw it again on DVD not too long ago, and it really held up well. COLD SOULS was a terrific viewing experience because knew very little about it and went in fairly cold. Wish that happened more often! And so, without further ado, my Top 10 films of 2009: | Read more »

Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up, April 9 - 15

Hello Chlotrudis Members!

Slash on that rouge! While most of the world was dancing to the disco 'round, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cherie Currie and Sandy West were punk rocking out as The Runaways. Join me for this week's Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies as we go back in time to see THE RUNAWAYS! The show starts at 7:20pm and we'll grab a bite to eat at the Regal Beagle beforehand around 5:45pm. Let me know if you can make it!


The Runaways

  | Read more »

Catching Up on Member's Top Tens of 2009!

Our 16th Annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony occupied some of our time in the past couple of months, so we got off track in posting member's Top 10s of 2009. We'll try to get back on track so you will be seeing a few more Top 10s from members who sent in their Top 10s weeks and months ago!

Today you get two top 10s, from the husband and wife podcasting team of Popcorn 'n Rosies, otherwise known as TC and Kim! Their podcast is called Subject:Cinema and as you might imagine, they talk about movies! Subject:CINEMA is a weekly podcast devoted to movies and films, along with other entertainment-oriented features, and is currently in it's fourth year of production, with an average of 20,000 listeners per week. The Popcorn N Roses website recently celebrated it's fourth birthday, and has expanded over the past several years to encompass over 10 sites and 15 blogs for its loyal readership to view. | Read more »

Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up April 2 - 8

Hello Chlotrudis Members!

Gil and Amanda are up as hosts for the Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies this week. Please join them at the Kendall Square Cinema for the 7:05 screening of GREENBERG. Ben Stiller stars in the latest film by THE SQUID AND THE WHALE's Noah Baumbach. They'll also be hosting this week's pre-movie dinner at The Friendly Toast at 5:30pm. | Read more »

Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up March 26 - April 1

Hello Chlotrudis Members! I'm so excited that I get to host the Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies this week... I also get to choose Atom Egoyan's CHLOE, which I saw and loved in Toronto! This is Egoyan at his best, combining a lot of his favorite topics, with a campy erotic thriller starring Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, and Liam Neeson. Join us at the Kendall Square Theatre for the 7:15 screening of CHLOE. And join us beforehand at 5:30pm at the Cambridge Brewery for dinner. | Read more »


In the LoopThis year’s Chlotrudis Awards ceremony was a night of unexpected appearances and presentations. The field was dominated by a surprising frontrunner, with IN THE LOOP winning Best Supporting Actor, Best Ensemble and Best Original Screenplay. Matching the UK film in number of wins was PRECIOUS, FROM THE NOVEL ‘PUSH’ BY SAPPHIRE’, which came away with Trudies for Best Adapted Screenplay as well as Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. The only other film to win multiple cats was A SINGLE MAN, taking home a pair for Best Actor and Best Production Design. | Read more »

Chlotrudis Winners Announced!

Much more to come soon, but for now, here's the list of winners of the 16th Annual Chlotrudis Awards! | Read more »

Chlotrudis Tuesday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up March 19 - 25

Hello Chlotrudis Members! Chris Kriofske has chosen something a little different for the Chlotrudis Tuesday Night at the Movies next week! Join him at the Kendall Square Cinema for the 7pm screening of THE SECRET OF KELLS! From the producers of THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, this animated film promises a dazzlingly magical visual experience. | Read more »