Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (USA; 136 min.)

directed by:
Quentin Tarrantino
starring: Uma Thurman; David Carradine; Lucy Liu

Kill Bill, Vol. 2

Bruce says: "**SPOILERS AHEAD**

"To say that KILL BILL: VOL 2 is more fun than its predecessor is about the kindest thing I can say. It certainly isn’t better although I enjoyed it more for couple of reasons which I’ll explain later. To illustrate my desperation, my favorite moment in this KILL BILL involved a duel between The Bride (Uma Thurman) and Elle (Daryl Hannah). Elle has only one eye. Rather than kill Elle (perhaps Vol 3 will be just that) The Bride decides to rip her remaining eye out with some fancy sword work. Her aim is good and soon we see the eyeball rolling across the floor to stop at The Bride’s feet. Without skipping a beat, The Bride steps on the eyeball and lets it ooze through her carefully manicured toes. Now that is what I call justice. I apologize, I meant to say revenge.

"KB2 follows The Bride on her mission to wipe out everyone who was involved in Bill’s assassin gang. Bill’s brother, Budd, is wiped out but not until after he buries The Bride alive in sadistic rhapsody. The Bride, however, has had intensive martial arts training in China and can smash through the coffin with bare fist. Her arm has considerable flair as it rises up from through the freshly tossed dirt on her grave.

"To keep this short, the final stop is of course Bill himself. Bill (David Carradine) is totally unbelievable as anyone Uma Thurman would ever know, much less become involved with, not to mention love and worship. The dialogue between Bill and The Bride is among the worst in film history. And the wicked twist to the four hour tale is that her unborn child is not dead after all. She is alive and well with her father who, incidentally, is Bill not the deceased bridegroom. Mommy, mommy.

"Having seen the wonderful documentary DOUBLE DARE about two Hollywood stuntwomen, KB2 was a treat on a different level. Both women were involved in the KILL BILLs. Zoë Bell was the body double for Uma Thurman and Jeannie Epper played the preacher’s wife in the flashback massacre at the wedding rehearsal.

"Sadly, the KILL BILLs made money so we can probably look forward to even worse fare from Tarantino in the future. He’s probably forgotten how good PULP FICTON and JACKIE BROWN were. As for me, I think I’ll check out the next Daryl Hannah film. 1.5 cats"