Safety of Objects, The (USA/UK; 121min.)

directed by: Rose Troche
starring:Glenn Close; Dermot Mulroney; Jessica Campbell; Patricia Clarkson
The Safety of Objects
Michael says: "Day 2 of the Boston International Festival of Women's Cinema saw Rose Troche and her third film, THE SAFETY OF OBJECTS. Based on the short stories of A.M. Homes, Troche elegantly weaves the disparate stories into a unified storyline. She will definitely be receiving a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay from me. The film focuses on four families house suburban homes are back to back. Each family is dealing with loss, and Troche explores the different ways each handles their emotional burden. The top notch cast (also a strong contender for the Best Cast Award) features Patricia Clarkson (HIGH ART), Glenn Close, Dermot Mulroney, Jessica Campbell (ELECTION), Mary Kay Place, Kristen Stewart (THE PANIC ROOM) and Moira Kelly.

"We caught the premiere of OBJECTS last September in Toronto, and while I enjoyed it, I wasn't blown away by it. I was surprised to find myself considerably more moved and affected by the emotional power and technical skill of the film during this second viewing. Troche has developed into a filmmaker of cosummate proficiency in the years since her debut, GO FISH. The editing (Troche also co-edited) is seemless and elegant, almost poetic. Troche spoke about the film afterwards and provided even more insight into the skill with which OBJECTS was filmed.

This film opens in March 2003, and I encourage everyone to see it. You definitely won't want to miss Guinevere's vocal talents applied to a startling role." 4 1/2 cats