My Wife is an Actress (France; 95min.)

directed by: Yvan Attal
starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg; Yvan Attal; Terence Stamp; Noémie Lvovsky
Ma Femme est une Actrice
Laura says: "Attal the filmmaker adroitly captures a marriage and the small slings and arrows that can wreck havoc with a romance. His love for a woman in a 'wacko' profession shines throughout his film with director Attal achieving a beautiful performance from Gainsbourg while letting actor Attal play the fool. Attal's writing is clever, allowing his own character to have an enjoyable experience in the same profession that drives him nuts. His use of phallic imagery is marvelous, with the speeding Eurostar connecting Paris (Yvan) and London (Charlotte) via tunnel and John's gift to Charlotte - an Eiffel tower snow globe. It is unclear why he gives so much screen time to Nathalie and Vincent, except for the rather broad parallel of the bickering of an ultimately happily married couple.

"Attal is both sexy and buffoonish in his portrayal of the jealous husband, whether mimicking John in an unflattering way or acting out the blossoming of a flower. Terence Stamp is on the money as the sexy star who clearly lusts for Charlotte but gives her enough space to maintain her distance. His is a subtle seduction. Lvovsky and Bateau are thoroughly believable as an exasperated expectant couple.

"Cinematographer Remy Chevrin's fluid camera sharply captures both big city locations and the many, varied interiors. Editor Jennifer Auge keeps things moving at a snappy pace and even shows wit in her cutting when the carry-through of a well-aimed punch turns into a speeding train. Original music by Brad Mehldau provides a cosmopolitan ambience." 3 1/2 cats
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Michael says: "This delightful French film tooks at a sports writer who has difficulty dealing with the fact that his wife is a famous actress. When she travels to London to work on a film that co-stars a well-known, actor, considered quite sexy by women, his jealousy reaches new heights.

"Director Yvan Attal plays Yvan, and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, his wife, Charlotte. A parallel story concerning Yvan's sister and her husband has the couple struggling with the decision of whether to have their unborn son circumcised (she is Jewish, he is not.) Screenplay is light-hearted, funny and sweet, and Gainsbourg is playful and sincere as Charlotte. Centerpiece is an amusing scene involving Charlotte's difficulty in filming a love scene with her co-star, Terence Stamp.

"This one is lots of fun, and very sweet. I highly recommend it." 4 cats