A Truly International Top 10 from Bruce

Our New York Board Member, and movie reviewer extraordinnaire, Bruce Kingsley, has a Top 10 that represents film from all over the world. Many of the films that are truly in his Top 10 for the year were films that he saw at film festivals and have not yet received theatrical distribution. He has removed these films from the list and only included films that have had theatrical runs.

  1. The Lives of Others, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Germany
  2. Away from Her, directed by Sarah Polley, Canada
  3. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, directed by Julian Schnabel, France
  4. Lars and the Real Girl, directed by Craig Gillespie, USA
  5. Protagonist, directed by Jessica Yu, USA
  6. I Don't Want to Sleep Alone, directed by Ming-liang Tsai, Malaysia
  7. Charlie Wilson's War, directed by Mike Nichols, USA
  8. The Wayward Cloud, directed by Ming-liang Tsai, Taiwan
  9. The Case of the Grinning Cat, directed by Chris Marker, France
  10. Killer of Sheep, directed by Charles Burnett, USA