TIFF2010, Day 1

It's 9:30pm, and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.  I opted not to do films today, even though I got in around noon, for two reasons: with so many changes since my last TIFF, I figured I'd need the time to adjust; and, honestly, nothing screamed out 'See me!'   Among the changes?  Different airline, different airport, different hotel, different box office location - these would be the big'uns.   Porter Airlines was a breeze, and the flight pretty smooth for a smaller plane.  Toronto City Airport is bam! right there at the waterfront (or rather ON the waterfront), it's awesome.  It's still too early to rate the benefits of the new hotel, but I suspect being in walking distance to the AMC, Ryerson and the Elgin/Wintergarden - plus across the way from the 24-hour supermarket in College Park - will become big points in the Chelsea's favor.  The new box office is my least favorite - it's too far away to walk to!  So I'm splurging tomorrow, and will cab it at a ridiculous hour in order to be the first(ish) in line to pick up the tickets I didn't get today.  

And I had a pretty good haul today - I got 15 out of 22 tickets, not too shabby.   It was weird, though, to walk by Roy Thomson Hall, a building I had never had any reason to be near ever before - the new TIFF Lightbox building is only a couple of blocks due west of Thomson on King Street.  And it's also only a couple of blocks due south of the Scotiabank theatres on John Street, thus forming a right triangle shaped core - it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the years, as things shift southwest.  I suspect the hotels along Bloor and Yorkville are still celebrity central this year, but I suspect the 'see and be seen' foot traffic along Yorkville will be sparse - I wonder what street, or section of street, will become the new such street?

My film schedule is not as insane as years past - if I don't get all the tickets I need tomorrow morning, I'm pretty sure I'll only need to do the early rising thing again on Saturday.   And I opted to forego any films starting before 11am, to give me a chance to a)sleep b)blog and c)maybe see some non-film related Toronto sites!   I'm also not doing any 5 film days, and only a couple of 4 film days - it's downright leisurely, this pace I've set!   I'm hoping this wil keep me from zonking out in mid-afternoon films, an embarrassing situation from past years.   Back tomorrow to talk more about the films - both the ones I'm excited for, and the ones I will have seen.  Ciao for now!






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Know what you mean about the new location for the box office but glad to hear that you were able to get tickets for a lot of the films.  Also, it sounds as if you have a good plan to keep a moderate pace.    Remember it's a marathon not a sprint.

Sounds like things are going well for you so far!  Wish I was there.  Can't wait to hear how the films are... and especially your first early morning at the box office!