Peruvian film UNDERTOW gets a U.S. theatrical release!

UndertowThe Film Collaborative has picked up the Peruvian film UNDERTOW for U.S. release.  Many Chlotrudis members will remember that UNDERTOW was the surprise hit of the Provincetown International Film Festival.  Everyone we talked to loved the film, and for so many reasons.  There is the gorgeously shot location, the emotionally powerful story that doesn't take the easy route, the fine acting, and the fact that the central secret of the film wasn't spoiled beforehand!  (Okay, the two incredibly handsome lead actors didn't hurt either... especially in Provincetown.)  Apparently non-Chlotrudis members loved the film as well because it tied for the HBO Audience Award for Best Narrative. 

UNDERTOW will make it's theatrical release debut in San Francisco at the Lumiere Theatre on September 17, 2010, so all you San Francisco members get out there to see it and tell all your friends!  Chlotrudis is going to be spreading the word about this film and I wouldn't be surprised if it's up for a couple of Chlotrudis Awards come January.  We hope the film is released in Boston, or at the very least, Chlotrudis manages to swing a special screening of the film during our new CineCache series (more information coming soon!) 

UNDERTOW is being released by The Film Collaborative, the first non-profit, full service provider dedicated to the distribution of independent film. including narrative features, documentaries, and shorts.  We hope to work with The Film Collaborative more in the future, as they are just the kind of distributor independent film needs today. 

Check out the UNDERTOW Facebook page for more information.  And check out the U.S. theatrical trailer below:


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