For its annual year-end Top Film category, the CHLOTRUDIS SOCIETY FOR INDEPENDENT FILM (CSIF) this year has compiled a list of the top 100 films of the decade among its 100+ membership. Being the opinionated contrarians that we are, however, we decided to include 2000 in the mix - call it a baker's decade! Topping the list was Wong Kar Wai's masterful film, IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE. A dozen directors scored 2 or more on the list with Michael Haneke winning that prize (#4 CACHE, #8 THE PIANO TEACHER and #58 THE WHITE RIBBON). Almost half of the films were from outside the US, with the highest ranked US film being #6 THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Also nabbing spots on the list were 12 films helmed by women, with #18 AWAY FROM HER by Sarah Polley ranking highest in that category. We elected to do a Top 100 of the decade as a continuation of our 200 for 2000 which we did at the turn of the century. This list and other year-end lists created by Chlotrudis can be found in "Our Favorite Films" section.

Celebrating its seventeenth year, the Boston-based Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film has members across the country that share an abiding love of film. Members participate in online postings & weekly viewings, borrow films from the group's impressive screener library, and attend society-sponsored events such as the Cine Cache, a semester series of film presentations in cooperation with the Brattle Film Foundation, and travel together to enjoy film festivals near (Provincetown) and far (Toronto).

Its signature event, the Chlotrudis Awards ceremony, will be held on Sunday March 20th, 2011 to honor the best of 2010's independent films and film performances, and to recognize and celebrate the talents of individuals who have made a mark. This night is the society's highlight of the year. Members, friends, allies and the public are invited to attend as Chlotrudis announces its category and special award winners. Previous special awardees in attendance have included Ellen Page, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kerry Washington and Beth Grant.

Here is the full list for The Chlotrudis Society's Top 100 Films of the Decade(ish):

1. In the Mood for Love
2. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
3. The Lives of Others
4. Caché
5. Let the Right One In
6. There Will Be Blood
7. No Country for Old Men
8. The Piano Teacher
9. Donnie Darko
10. The Royal Tenenbaums
11. Talk to Her
12. Brokeback Mountain
13. Pan's Labyrinth
14. Y Tu Mamá Tambien
15. Memento
16. Far from Heaven
17. My Winnipeg
18. Away From Her
19. Capote
20. The Social Network
21. Me and You and Everyone We Know
22. Grizzly Man
23. The Station Agent
24. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
25. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
26. Juno
27. Amélie
28. Mulholland Dr.
29. Once
30. Kill Bill: Vol. 1
31. Precious
32. The Hurt Locker
33. Duck Season
34. A Single Man
35. Best In Show
36. Dogville
37. Infernal Affairs
38. Man on Wire
39. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
40. 49 Up
41. Winter's Bone
42. Protagonist
43. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
44. Mother
45. Brick
46. 3-Iron
47. Gosford Park
48. City of God
49. Last Life in the Universe
50. The Pianist
51. Bad Education
52. Jack Goes Boating
53. Hero
54. Tarnation
55. Synecdoche, New York
56. Still Walking
57. What Time Is It There?
58. White Ribbon
59. Lost in Translation
60. In Bruges
61. In the Bedroom
62. Monkey Warfare
63. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
64. Bowling for Columbine
65. Lilja 4-Ever
66. Spirited Away
67. Half Nelson
68. Punch Drunk Love
69. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
70. Italian for Beginners
71. Sping, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
72. Marion Bridge
73. Linda Linda Linda
74. Yi Yi
75. Moulin Rouge!
76. The Proposition
77. Jellyfish
78. Sideways
79. Beau Travail
80. American Splendor
81. Dancer in the Dark
82. O Brother Where Art Thou
83. Ghost World
84. Hunger
85. Audition
86. O'Horten
87. The Edukators
88. I Don't Want to Sleep Alone
89. Undertow
90. 35 Shots of Rum
91. The Departed
92. The Return
93. WALL-E
94. 25th Hour
95. The Saddest Music in the World
96. Before Sunset
97. The Beaches of Agnès
98. Milk
99. The Queen
100. Shortbus

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