Director Thom Fitzgerald Returns to Help Chlotrudis Celebrate its 20th Year

Thom FitzgeraldTen years ago, Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald was part of the mad celebration that was the 10th annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony.  He received an Excellence in Directing Award after completing four films, THE HANGING GARDEN, BEEFCAKE, THE WILD DOGS, and THE EVENT.  He was in the midst of creating his most ambitious film, 3 NEEDLES.  Since then he has written and directed another feature, CLOUDBURST starring Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker, and created a pair of succesful Canadian television shows.  Thom will be returning to the Brattle Theatre to help Chlotrudis celebrate its 20th year alongside actor/director/producer Beth Grant.  We are thrilled to welcome both of our returning honorees back, and thank them for helping us to celebrate 20 years of honoring independent film.

In addition to looking back on our own whacky history, Chlotrudis will be honring two actors at their awards ceremony on Sunday, March 16, 4pm at the Brattle Theatre.  Breakout Award winner Ahna O'Reilly, best known for her roles in THE HELP and Chlotrudis Award nominee, AS I LAY DYING, and Rebecca Jenkins, star of Chlotrudis Best Documentary winner STORIES WE TELL, and 2004 Buried Treasure winner, MARION BRIDGE.

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