Chlotrudis Weighs in on the Best Movies About Movies!

Sunset Blvd.With the 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards only three months away, members of the independent film society have selected their Top 20 Movies About Movies to continue the countdown.  Movie buffs love films about movies, and Chlotrudis members are no exception.  Billy Wilder's classic 1950 film, SUNSET BLVD., about a hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity tops the Chlotrudis list of the Best Movies About Movies, edging out Tim Burton's ED WOOD, a sweet look at the B-Movie director starring Johnny Depp and Martin Landau.  All in all 142 films made the long list, and Chlotrudis has recorded the top 50.

The list skews fairly American, and fairly modern, although the Society does reach all the way back to 1929 to note the documentary from the Soviet Union, MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA coming in at #29.  Last year's Chlotrudis winner, THE ARTIST, coming in at #4 is the first film from another country, although it was a U.S. co-production.  Fellini's classic film 8 1/2 comes in at #7, and is the highest ranking international film.  Three filmmakers made the list more than once, and it's no surprise as these directors have a fascination for the medium.  David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DR. hits at #9, and his tour de force INLAND EMPIRE shows up at #31.  Woody Allen anchors the top 10 with THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, and makes another appereance at #49 with STARDUST MEMORIES.  Pedro Almodóvar's BAD EDUCATION shows up at #18, and  BROKEN EMBRACES shows up at #42 (what about LAW OF DESIRE - a far better film in this member's opinion).  Documentaries about film are represented 7 times, lead by Kirby Dick's incendiary THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED.

To celebrate its 20th annual awards ceremony, Chlotrudis will be publishing a series of Top 20 lists on its Facebook page.  However here on the website, you can see the full list of Top 50.  The Top 50 Movies About Movies is the second list for the year following The 50 Best French Language Films, which was published two weeks ago.  The 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards will be held on Sunday, March 16 at the Brattle Theatre.

Here are the Top 20!

  1. Sunset Blvd.
  2. Ed Wood
  3. Boogie Nights
  4. The Artist
  5. The Player
  6. Gods and Monsters
  7. 8 1/2
  8. Singin' in the Rain
  9. Mulholland Dr.
  10. The Purple Rose of Cairo
  11. Cinema Paradiso
  12. This Film Is Not Yet Rated
  13. Good Bye, Dragon Inn
  14. Adaptation
  15. Millennium Actress
  16. Barton Fink
  17. Day for Night
  18. Bad Education
  19. State and Main
  20. A Star is Born (Cukor)

To see the entire Top 50, visit Our Favorite Films page and the 50 Best Movies About Movies.

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