Chlotrudis Awards Brings The Fast Runner, and Director Zacharias Kunuk to Boston!

to the many attendees to the Museum
of Fine Arts
and Chlotrudis Awards' joint presentation
of Zacharias Kunuk's award-winning film, The Fast Runner.
The evening got off to a nice start with a lovely reception
at the Museum thrown by the Canadian Consulate of Boston. Deputy
Consul General, Robert Irwin welcomed visiting director Kunuk,
and producer, cinematographer Norman Cohn before a invited
crowd including Canadian representatives, Chlotrudis Awards
and Museum of Fine Arts members. Thanks to Christine Sarkisian
and the Canadian Consulate for throwing such a beautiful reception.

enjoying fine cheeses and delicious paté, the guests
moved to teh theater where they were joined by a long-line
of ticket holders for the film. Cohn and Kunuk gave a terrific
introduction before the eager audience enjoyed the first
feature-length fiction film written, produced, directed,
and acted by Inuit, The Fast Runner is an exciting
action thriller set in ancient Igloolik, Canada. This three-hour
epic tells the story of a small community of nomadic Inuit
caught in a life threatening struggle between powerful
natural and supernatural forces. Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner,
and his brother Amaqjuaq, the Strong One emerge to challenge
the evil order. But after Atanarjuat wins the hand of the
lovely Atuat away from the boastful son of the camp leader,
Oki, a cycle of revenge unfolds that crosses the boundaries
of the spirit world. Despite the late Sunday hour, fans
of the film remained after the conclusion to ask the filmmakers
some questions. The resulting answers were insightful,
education, amusing and powerful. This film will be released
this summer, with a Boston date set for late June. Don't
miss it!

Thanks to Lot 47 Films for
working with Chlotrudis Awards to bring both The Fast Runner and
Mr. Kunuk and Mr. Cohn to Boston.