Calling all Members! It's Nomination Time!


It’s time to start thinking about nominations for your favorite films and performances from 2012 for the 19th Annual Chlotrudis Awards!  Please read these rules and take part!  Nominations will be due on Friday, January 18 at midnight.  On Saturday, January 19, we will hold our annual Chlotrudis Nomination Committee Meeting at the home of Ned Hinkle and Ivy Moylan in Cambridge, MA at 2pm.  All members are invited to come and spend the afternoon discussing films even if you do not nominate!  Of course, it’s more fun if you do, so please read the following directions, and if you qualify… I urge you to take part!  The more members who nominate, the better and more reflective of our organization are our awards.  If you do come to the party, we do a bit of a pot luck, so bring something to eat or drink with you.

This year we are hoping to broadcast the nominating committee meeting live using Skype, so that out of area members will be able to participate as well.  I will be sending out additional instructions for that soon.  If you don't have Skype, you might want to download so you can participate remotely. 

And now… the instructions!!

  1. On this page: you fill find the list of films that are eligible for nomination for the 19th Annual Chlotrudis Awards. If you have seen a minimum of 25 films from this list, you qualify, and are encouraged to participate in the nomination process.  Minor note, several films such as AMOUR and a few others were released in NYC and LA to qualify for the Academy Awards, but haven't yet hit any other cities, thus making them very difficult to see.  At the Nominating Committee meeting, we will discuss any film that wasn't released a little more widely to see if we should push them to 2012.  (We've done this in the past, in fact this year, both ALBERT NOBBS and TYRANNOSAUR are eligible, despite the fact that they were actually released in 2011).  So count them as films seen if you've seen them, then we will discuss them at the meeting.  You can skip this step and go directly to #2 if you want to get started right away!
  2. Go to  There you will find a login page that asks for your last name and your member number.  You can find your member number on your membership card.  If you can't find your membership card, contact me at and I will supply it for you.  ATTENTION:  If your membership has expired you will not be able to sign in.  To renew your membership, go to the Become a Member page where you can renew your membership online using PayPal.  As soon as I get your renewal, I will send you your membership number.  
  3. Part 1 shows another list of eligible films.  Check off all the films you have seen.  Click proceed, and if you've seen the required 25 films, you will move on to the nomination worksheet.  If you haven't seen 25 films, it will tell you so, but it will save the films you've entered so far, so you will be able to return at a later date and add additional films you've seen. 
  4. Once you get to the nomination worksheet you can start filling out your choices in the various categories.  The worksheet will give you a specific number of slots to fill in based on the number of films you have seen.  You will only be able to submit a nomination for a film you have seen.
  5. At any time, you can finish your nomination worksheet, or save it to finish later.  Each time you save your worksheet, you may e-mail it to the address on file.  
  6. We're still figuring out how we're going to handle the Buried Treasure Award.  For now, go ahead and and pick your three choices for Buried Treasure.  The Buried Treasure is a film that made less than $250,000 domestically at the box office that Chlotrudis feels deserves another look.  This is our signature award, so please think about it very seriously.


Be judicious in your nomination selection.  Only nominate something if you think it was truly outstanding in the category.  Nominating everything you think of waters down your selection.  Nominations are weighted, so not nominating something will give the things you really liked a better chance of being included on the ballot. 

The Internet Movie Database is a great source for names of actors, directors, screenwriters, etc.  We use this as our authoritative source for names, so it is extremely helpful enter your nominees names as displayed on

If you are unsure if you've seen a film, or who plays a certain character, and going to doesn't help, ask the discussion list ( and you're sure to get a response!

This is a lot of fun, and I very much enourage you to take part.  The more people who nominate, the better the results!  And remember, there are twelve more days before nominations are due.  There are a lot of movies, DVDs, OnDemand, NetFlix Instant, Screeners, etc. that you can watch by then to make the 25 minimum.

 Please don't hesitate to ask me, or the discussion group any questions you might have.

Thanks, and hope to see you at the meeting on Saturday, 1/19/11!

And remember!  We will be holding our first Chlotrudis Nominations Announcement Bash on Sunday, January 20, 5pm at Post 390 in the Back Bay!  This will be an opportunity for us to officially announce the nominations to the press, and also serve as a membership drive, so if you can come (and I hope you can) I encourage you to bring along a friend or two who might be interested in joining!  We do have limited space, so please RSVP if you plan on joining us.


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