Arsinée Khanjian Returns to Chlotrudis!

Arsinée KhanjianWe are thrilled to welcome Arsinée Khanjian back to the Chlotrudis Awards when she attends the 18th Annual Chlotrudis Awards, Sunday, March 18, 5pm at the Brattle Theatre.  Arsinée was honored with a special Chlotrudis Awards honoring her fascinating career in 2002 at the 8th Annual Chlotrudis Awards. She is the first Chlotrudis honoree to make a subsequent return and we are thrilled to welcome her back.  Arsinée has appeared in dozens of film and television appearances, beginning with Atom Egoyan's first film, NEXT OF KIN.  Some of her most memorable roles include Ani in Egoyan's ARARAT, Mother in Catherine Breillat's FAT GIRL, and Sabah in Ruba Nadda's SABAH.  Ten years later she has continued to perform in throught-provoking films.  At the 8th awards Arsinée discussed censorship after having appeared in FAT GIRL.  That film was banned in Ontario, where the actress lives.  This year she will attend with honoree Atom Egoyan.  Arsinée will make a special presentation at the ceremony, and knowing her penchance for speaking her mind, she's sure to make a lasting impression. 

In addition, Arsinée will join Atom for a Q&A after a Brattle screening of the film ADORATION on Saturday, March 17, 7pm.  Arsinée plays the confounding character, Sabine in this little-seen, provocative film.  Arsinée will also join Atom to introduce one of their most interesting collaborations, CALENDAR on Sunday evening after the awards.  Don't miss these terrific events!

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